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Last modified : 23-03-2012
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Agustín Cernuda del Río
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About languages in this site

In this site, the visitor will find information in several different languages. There are several pages in English, in French, in Spanish and in Asturian. But not all of them have been translated into all four languages. Hence, the user will see different versions of the site, depending on the chosen language. A site map is offered in all pages, and depending on the language this map will also be more or less complete.

Some pages are offered in English because the kind of information they contain (research, professional data, etc.) makes interesting to allow non-Spanish speakers to understand it.

In addition, others (almost all) are offered in Spanish because this allows for a very broad use of them, and also because it's the language I use the best.

Others are in French just to practise it a bit, and also for allowing (many) people who don't speak but French to read them.

And some others are offered in Asturian for several reasons. One of them: this is mostly my "real" first language, the one I heard as I grew up.

The second reason is that Asturian language is in risk of disappearing, in mid-term future.