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Last modified : 23-03-2012
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Agustín Cernuda del Río
Write to me: guti at uniovi dot es


Resources & Links

Here you will find some of the online resources I usually use; there are also some utilities I've written.

Prolog / Constraint Logic Programming (CLP)

Verification, validation and abstract interpretation

Web development



  • XML tutorial The XML Revolution. This 130+ page slide collection provides an introduction and overview of XML, namespaces, XLink, XPointer, XPath, DSD, XSLT... including links.
  • XML.ORG. The XML Industry Portal.
  • DTD School. A good DTD tutorial.




  • Netscape JavaScript reference. JavaScript reference. A bit obsolete, but a good starting point (because it is simple) for doing basic things.
  • The Tab Key. How to make the TAB key (CTRL+TAB, to be precise) work inside a multiline field.

Software Components

General info & contacts


  • BeanPole. A project by the Center for Software Sciences at Northeastern University.

OCL (Object Constraint Language)

History of Computing

  • The Computer Museum History Center. Detailed events, and a timeline in a "per-year" basis. Very interesting and good pictures; however, if you don't know what year you are going to, things get a bit more complicated. It also has events classified by themes (software, companies...).
  • A chronology of Computer History. A chronology whose events are very briefly described. Very detailed in the final part (recent events).


Graphs / Graph layout

Sound processing


  • How to's. In this "how to" list, you'll find more articles on how to write, how to make peer reviews, etc.


  • Microsoft. Some educational contents.
  • GEIDI. The study group for teaching innovation I'm a member of. At that site there are more teaching links that I won't repeat here. [In spanish, but with several english links under the "Recursos docentes/Información" section]


Other (nontechnical)